Building teacher capacity

Gradual release model

In my eLearning role I regularly work with teachers to build their capacity in using ICTs meaningfully in their practise. I use a gradual release of responsibility model to empower teachers to take ownership of using technology. This generally looks like:

1) Modelling lessons and debriefing with the teacher afterwards

2) Shared teaching

3) The classroom teacher taking ownership and leading lessons with regular check ins.

A fortnightly digest containing examples of what is happening in the school and across the globe is sent to all staff.

eLearning enhancing all curriculum areas

Collaboratively planning with teachers to build their capacity to authentically embed technology to enhance learning in all areas

I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend planning sessions with teachers. We explored how ICT can enhance learning across all curriculum areas.

For example, Year 3 students used their knowledge of angles to draw 2D shapes using coding algorithms. Using a gradual release of responsibility model the teachers I worked with now feel confident in using this approach on their own.

Digital Technologies curriculum leadership

Whole school curriculum planning

At St Kieran's I have lead the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum across Prep-6. | Reflective blogging

Reflections and learning about eLearning and HPE

St Kieran's #edtech Email

Fortnightly emails about eLearning in classrooms and around the world

A fortnightly digest of the eLearning at St Kieran's and also across the world. Some examples:

#edtech 4.0 Student Portfolio's and BYOD Update

#edtech 3.0 Student Forums & Flappy Bird

#edtech 2.0 Coding and Digi-tech Curriculum

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